Missouri River Project | Jess McGlothlin Media - Jess McGlothlin

Assignment: Long-term documentary project to photograph and journal life in a small fly-fishing town

Who: With the support of Headhunters Fly Shop

When: March—September 2013

Where: Missouri River, Montana; chiefly between Craig and Cascade

How: Embedded in local fly shop to explore the gritty, day-in-day-out fly fishing culture

Usage: Images and words have been widely used in magazines, on websites, and blogs in the US, UK, and abroad. Images series produced during this project have won national awards, and a book project is underway.

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Winter Abandonment

The fishing village of Craig, Montana, all but shuts down in the winter, though the locals still fish, often in Carhartts and beat up down jackets. Missouri River fishing runs year-round for those hearty souls.

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