Peruvian Amazon SUP Expedition - Jess McGlothlin

Assignment: Document SUP expedition on jungle rivers in Peruvian Amazon, including several SUP first-decents.

Who: Apumayo Expediciones, in-country partner

When: May 2017

How: Spent two weeks in-country, flying into Cusco and traveling over the Andes to the high rainforest. Worked out of jungle biological stations and on the river, including nights spent in the jungle. 

Usage: Editorial imagery

Introduction: "The jungle will change you." 

A new friend shared those words one night last week, as we sat by headlamp in a open-walled hut listening to the myriad of insects and birds outside in the darkness. The sound of pans and low voices talking in Spanish came from the teammates cooking dinner nearby, lit by the candle suspended in the rafters. We’d become soaked in a tropical downpour as we unloaded the rafts, and everyone was slowly, oh-so-slowly, drying out.

“The jungle will change you.” I believed it then, and I believe it even now more. Read more here.

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